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Chairman Vision about Nashik valley

Nashik Valley’s climate is arguably the most critical environmental aspect in ripening fruit to its optimum quality to produce a desired wine style. Nashik Valley, which captures aspects of history, art, romanticism, geography, cultural identity, gastronomy, investment potential, art and science — all in one agricultural pursuit — provides countless avenues for research and enjoyment, both academically and by wine aficionados everywhere.

Terroir & Appelation Of Origin

Ours is a diverse landscape of spectacular natural beauty and bounty. The concepts embodied in this terroir lead to the appellation of origin that delineates Nashik and regulate the agricultural produce. In the continuum of terroir influences, Nashik’s climate is the most basic and most profound in terms of what can be grown where and how. Nashik Valley’s geology, landscape and soil are important factors that mediate the interaction between climate and the vine, especially the regions soil water supply and nutrition. As with any of the great wine making regions of the world, the answer lies in a magical synergy of climate and soil, underpinned by our desire to express this unique terroir. Each expresses the indelible mark of place that is Nashik.

Good Viticultural Practices

This comparatively small region is now heralded at the forefront of innovative vineyard and viticulture techniques. The region is instrumental in new industry initiatives in the pursuit of continually improving quality standards. Proactive environmental management activity reflects a forward thinking path into the future.

To Create Indegenous Identity

Nashik Valley is steeped in wine tradition. With over 100 indigenous grape varieties, it is no wonder that all wineries in the valley have a rich tradition with the vine. The relationship between grapes and indigenous identity in Nashik Valley has to be created. The indigenous grape varieties that enrich and contribute to the identity of the Nashik vineyards represent 80% of the crops.

Geographical Indications (Gi)

Nashik Valley is known as the Wine Capital of India since it accounts to a large amount of the country's grape export and there are many vineyards in and around Nashik. It also plays an utmost important role in agriculture onion, tomatoes and many other vegetables are exported from Nashik to various parts of the world. In addition, Nashik is known for its picturesque surroundings, climate and tourism. An assurance of product quality and distinctiveness that is attributable to geographic origin of Nashik Valley is provided herewith.

To Built ‘Brand Nashik’

India Grape Harvest is examining how to increase profit through product differentiation, such as regional branding of BRAND NASHIK. Building BRAND NASHIK in conjunction with an effective marketing program will help agricultural producers and processors develop more profitable operations. It will identify a product based on its origin is an ideal way for agricultural producers to differentiate their products. Benefits of building Brand NASHIK include establishing consumer loyalty, achieving product differentiation and distinctness, creating legal protections and achieving higher profit margins.

Umbrella Branding

India Grape Harvest works towards the collective enhancement of agro products and tourism along with the wine companies, grape growers and tourism sector for creating an Umbrella brand: Nashik Valley.

Wine To Become Unique Selling Point (Usp) For Nashik

INDIA GRAPE HARVETS promotes the concept of NASHIK VALLEY wine having a unique selling point as a way that NASHIK VALLEY can obtain a sustainable identity and advantage in the wine market worldwide. INDIA GRAPE HARVEST aims that by establishing this unique selling point, consumers will both recognise and desire the Nashik Valley’s Wine and commit to it.

India Grape Harvest As Lvmh Model

India Grape Harvest looks forward to work on the LVMH model in promoting Brand Nashik. It looks forward to create an identity of Nashik as an exceptional House creating high quality products.

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