India Grape Harvest 2018

India Grape Harvest 2018 is one of the biggest prominent winery events resembling to the second most national event as Indian premier league.

As one of the vine & wine festival of the Nashik Valley wine cluster, INDIA GRAPE HARVEST has helped shine the light on the Nashik Valley’s thriving tourism scene. We've got our eyes and ears peeled for the city's most drool-worthy vineyards, resorts and newest food trends to hit the streets, bringing you an epicurean experience unlike any other. The magnitude of entertainment at INDIA GRAPE HARVEST combined with a showcase of the premiere wines, and the trend setting culinary makes attendance at INDA GRAPE HARVEST a mouth-watering feast and precursor to Nashik Valley’s Harvest Season.

India Grape Harvest Objectives

  • India Grape Harvest plans to promote Agro tourism, Wine tourism, and other tourism nationwide.
  • India Grape Harvest promotes the entire destination and the local specialities nation wide.
  • India Grape Harvest targets to increase the domestic & foreign footfall in Nashik Valley during the festival & round the year.

Igh Mission Statement

India Grape Harvest mission is resourceful agriculture, viticulture and an unrelenting dedication to the task of making “Brand Nashik”

About India Grape Harvest Event Highlights

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